It took me two 'failures' in order to discover WEMEN.

In 2015, I'd already been in publishing for over a decade when the opportunity to become my own boss and take Yi Lian Ng Floral Atelier seriously arose. I grabbed it; but not realising the lack of regular writing had left a creative gap inside me.

Since I was last a fashion editor at Harper's BAZAAR, I figured fashion must be what I wanted to write about. So I launched two fashion blogs but meh, they died as soon as they were born. These 'failures' brought on so much self-doubt and I thought I was just not meant to write professionally ever again.

I let more time pass and focused on my floral business but that sense of something's soulfully missing still lingers. I tried to suppress that feeling and reminded myself of the 'failures'. "Your attempts to write again failed," I asked myself. "Why would you go there again, Yi Lian?"

Then I had a moment of clarity: those weren't failures. Those fashion blog attempts were necessary for me to realise I don't want to write professionally. I need to write personally. I want to create a space where you, I and everyone else can relate to each other and basically, be real. If fashion and beauty topics come into the picture (why can't someone who loves to connect deeply enjoy superfluous things too?), then so be it.

I want WEMEN to be the best friend who lets you live through us vicariously, curses and swears with you, shows you tough love when you need that kick in the ass, a shoulder to cry on and still be able to recommend the face cream or self-help book you absolutely need to try/read. And most of all, I want WEMEN to be the kind of friend who can bare our souls and share with you our own insecurities and struggles too because don't we all have to deal with those BS EVERY. SINGLE. FRIGGIN'. DAY?!

In this social media age where perfect images rule and real connections between people become scarcity, I feel the increasing need to reconnect again—to tear down the seeming perfect lives we lead digitally so we can, once again, remember the fundamental human needs to love and to be loved; to understand and to be understood.

Yi Lian

 Photo by  Suhyeon Choi

Photo by Suhyeon Choi